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Fluorite Crystal Skull

Fluorite Crystal Skull

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This listing is for the exact fluorite skull you see pictured. 

Chemical Composition: CaF2

Mohs Hardness: 4

The skull carries a lot of symbolism, magic, and psychic associations with it. Whether a symbol of death, enlightenment, ego death, intelligence or otherwise it is a shape that is sought after for its myriad of utilization's in one's spiritual practice. Crystal skulls are often used with communication of spirits and non-physical deities as the form would allow for consciousness to travel inside of it and bring forward messages and impressions to those who would meditate and connect with the crystal/fetish.

Fluorite is an excellent conduit for spiritual communication as it is known for its ability to offer discernment and memory retention. A lot of times as we connect with our guides and messages through meditation, we might find that things slip away as we return to our bodies in a waking state. Fluorite assists one in retaining and remembering information and removing the excess of emotions from making important decisions. 

The word Fluorite comes from the Latin word fluere, which means "to flow". In 1852 Fluorite gave it's name to the phenomena fluorescence. Fluoresescence is something that occurs prominently in fluorites that grow from certain locations which allow the stone to glow brightly under the presence of UV light.

Fluorite has a rich history of use geographically as it is found all over the world. In China it was used and revered for its protection against bad spirits and was often found carved in sculptures and talismans. In the ruins of Pompeii they have found objects carved of fluorite as the Romans believed that if you drank wine from a cup made of fluorite, you would not become drunk. Egyptians carved scarabs and other sacred objects from the stone to adorn their people and tombs. 

I highly recommend working with fluorite if you're learning how to channel spiritual messages and working in divination. Fluorite helps to open up the crown chakra and third eye to bring forward visions, messages, and insights while simultaneously protecting the physical and astral bodies. Fluorite helps us to receive information without being overcome with our own feelings about the information we receive. 

Fluorite aids those who have a hard time in focusing or remembering details in memorization and is recommended for those who need to excel in technical tasks or computer working. Fluorite is my number one recommendation for those who have issues with test taking.

Fluorite is a superb ally for those who are looking to bring forward messages without judgement and utilize their brain to its highest capacity whether that is working in spiritual endeavors or technical ones.


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