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60 Minute In-Depth Pyschic Reading

60 Minute In-Depth Pyschic Reading

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Are you looking for guidance, direction, and answers? Look no further. In this 60-minute reading session, Teketa Shine will consult her guides, tarot cards, and your direct questions to assist you in finding the illumination you're seeking. This session is great for those who are looking for a deep-dive and clarity filled reading. In this time frame Teketa is able to look into multiple areas of life and bring forward answers and directions in-depth.

This reading is offered safely from the comfort of your own home via phone. Allow for a time before and after your reading to prepare and process the information received, and allow for a quiet and grounded place for your reading to take place. Please remove all background noises and distractions for yourself and the reading to have the most productive session possible.

Upon purchase, Teketa will reach out to you to align with your current schedules and earliest booking availability. Please make sure to put your phone number and best contact information in the notes of your purchase.

Please remember that this reading is not meant to take place of any medical advice, and is not a replacement for any psychological therapy. Teketa Shine assumes no responsibility for any actions or choices you make, as your path is your own. All readings are with the intention of personal empowerment, accountability, and positive growth.

All readings are for individuals of sound mind and who are over 18 years of age. 

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