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Cretaceous Period Ammonite Fossil Specimen

Cretaceous Period Ammonite Fossil Specimen

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This fossilized Ammonite is from the Cretaceus Period and is from Madagascar. Ammonites are fossilized snail-like creatures from long ago.

Ammonite’s name is said to originate from the Egyptian god Amun (also spelled Ammon or Amen) as it represented his spiraling horn and is also derived from the Greek word for “horn”. It was known as one of the holiest stones in ancient Greece as well due to its ability to bring about prophetic dreams. The Blackfoot Tribe of North America referred to Ammonite as “Buffalo Stone” and used it as protection from negative spirits. These fossils were also used for protection during the Middle Ages as they were thought to be dragon heads that would protect from magic when fastened to the left arm.

Ammonites are ancient fossils and because of their age, are wonderful allies in working on DNA related healing. Ancestral work and that which connects us to our ancient lineage will be more easily accessed through connection to this realm of energy.

Its geometric structure will help with the organization of one's thoughts in bringing about a more focused line of thinking.
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