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Aragonite Cluster

Aragonite Cluster

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This listing is for the exact aragonite cluster you see pictured. 

Aragonite is a stimulating and healing crystal that is helpful for those who are feeling stuck emotionally and physically. The many terminations of these clusters allow stagnant energy to be released in many directions simultaneously allowing one to set things down and release that which is too heavy to carry. 

Aragonite is said to be a confidence booster and motivator, allowing one to find the courage to get back up again and try new things. A fast moving energizer, Aragonite assists one in opening paths towards spiritual harmony through clearing spiritual and emotional blockages. 


You may work with your Aragonite in meditation by placing the crystal in the palm of your hands or on your third eye and focus your intentions on your breath coming in through the crystal as if it were a filter and through your body from the cluster. Sit and process the messages that come up while the crystal helps to readjust the flow of energy inside of your auric field.

You may lay the crystal on your most affected and stagnant area of the body to facilitate movement and shifts in that space. I personally like to place aragonite over my sacral chakra or heart to allow for more creativity in problem solving (sacral) or release of grief, resentment, anger, and frustration (heart).

Aragonite may also be placed in an environment that could deal with shaking up and stabilizing. If your office space or work space feels a little stagnant, a nice aragonite cluster will assist in getting that energy back to an aligned and inspired place. You can pair this cluster with a ruby to amplify and activate the energies of Aragonite.

Chemical Composition: CaCO3

Mohs Hardness: 3.5 - 4

Aragonite is a naturally occurring crystal composed of calcium carbonate. It takes its name from the region of the world it was found in, the Aragon river in Spain. Aragonite can also be found worldwide in Morocco, Austria, France, Italy, the UK, Namibia, Chine, the USA, and Mexico.

This variety of Aragonite is often called a "sputnik" cluster because of  the twinned crystal habit in which the crystals radiate outwards, similar in appearance to the famous Russian satellite Sputnik.



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