Collection: Psychic Readings

Teketa Shine believes that the path of her life has brought her to assisting others on their path of personal and spiritual empowerment. After many years of continued studying and practice, she has employed a method of unique divination that combines the healing power of the stones with the intuitive and powerful tarot to ring forward messages for healing, illumination, and growth.

Teketa started her career in the psychic arts when she was living and working in the small and strange town of Cassadaga, FL. Cassadaga is known as the "psychic capital" to some, and, a Spiritualist haven. She mentored under many psychics, mediums, astrologers, and palmists and found her own voice through utilizing the accumulated skills and lessons she acquired there.

Teketa utilizes her gifts to bring empowerment, self-awareness and healing to her clients. The future begins in the present and Teketa is passionate about helping you find strength through your conflicts and the crossroads of life.

For over 15 years she has brought messages to her clients all over the country, working in a multitude of spiritual shops, private parties and events, and reaching the expanses of several countries with her phone reading offerings.