Sometimes in the moment, we can become engrossed in our surroundings. Taking in the beauty of the scene unfolding around us, the signs gifted to us in every blowing breeze, a moment special in every aspect of it's examination.

Perspective, is how we find that beauty. Our unique experiences allow us to filter and store our experiences as what we label them based off our expectations, previous similar interactions and wonder. We allow ourselves to give credit to our own perceptions based on the validity of our own personal experience.

What happens when our windows become dirty? What happens when the colors fade? How do we find the beauty in the moment when we can't smell the wildflowers?

We fall out of alignment, and we lose sight of the alternatives in our vision. We become locked into our view from the position we've settled in. Our bones might ache and our clothing might be too tight, but, we cling to what we've experienced.

Well, I'm not asking for you to buy new clothes. I'm not asking you to get up and change your positioning. I'm asking you to remember your imagination.

Imagination. That thing that was SO SO SO important and integral to us as children. That tool we would tap into when we were bored and looking for an alternative way to perceive our surroundings. Does that cloud look like a guinea pig? Is the floor lava or a rushing stream?

Hey, guess what? Your imagination is still there. It just is running on autopilot. It's probably telling you what that person you embarrassed yourself in front of earlier today is thinking about you and how they've tweeted to the world about you. Whoa, imagination. Who gave you consent to be so rude?

Who gave your brain consent to reprogram your imagination to the negativity station? Well, It's time to change the channel. It's time to pick up the reigns and spend a little time in a creative space. It's time to check into that inner child headspace and figure out what 10 year old you thinks would be really cool to do as an adult.

We've got deadlines, bills, responsibilities and obligations. But, our brain and imagination are still our own. If you didn't have to work 40 hours at the job that exhausts you, what would you do with your free time? When is the last time you actually allowed yourself to imagine yourself happy?

When I talk about happy, I don't mean you after you get all of those things your life is missing. When I talk about happy, I want to know what are the actions you enjoy taking repetitively that make you feel excited to get up in the morning?

Sometimes we don't know, and this is where our good friend imagination comes back into play. It's okay to not know. It's okay to not have your whole life figured out. It's when we think we've hit a brick wall when we surrender to the autopilot.

We have to remember we can dream. We have to allow ourselves to daydream. There is no age limit on an intentional productive mental vacation. Spend time imagining yourself feeling CONTENT. What does it look like around you? How does it affect your loved ones? How does it affect your appearance?

I'm not saying a daydream, an imagination getaway , is going to solve all of your problems. But, you've gotta start somewhere. Dream on.



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