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Shaman Dream Stone Garden Included Quartz Window Stone

Shaman Dream Stone Garden Included Quartz Window Stone

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This listing is for the exact crystal specimen you see pictured.

Shaman Dream Stones are the perfect ally for those who are focusing on healing and visioning work on the physical and astral plane. They are composed of Clear Quartz and a myriad of included minerals. This combination of minerals inside of quartz is sometimes referred to as Garden Quartz or Lodolite because of the amount of alternating inclusions that can consist of chlorite, lithium, kaolinite, amphibole, actinolite, rutile, and an abundance and other varying additions. 

Shaman Dream Stones assist one in moving energy and allowing one's healing gifts to be amplified by other varying spiritual influences. This is a great tool to utilize when connecting to one's guides and ascended masters in bringing about a higher vibration to utilize in one's healing and spiritual communications. 

Shaman Dream Stones allow one to effectively connect with higher planes of existence, communicating with the angelic realm, spiritual teachers, and plant and crystal spirits and deities. Gazing softly into the stone one should allow their mind to relax and call upon the energy of their spiritual teachers and guides and ask for messages to be known to them. 

These stones can be a great conduit for charging with Reiki and other healing energies to work with in distance healing or to gift to others or environments that need a boost of spiritual inspiration to continue in one's growth. Shaman Dream Stone is a great crystal to assist in facilitating with nature spirits like the fae, gnomes, and other elemental energies.

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